An impressive place for special moments

Welcome to the Thessoni classic, the hotel for seminars and fans of deep relaxation. A building of timeless design that effortlessly combines the themes “swissness” and artisanship. Enjoy the crackling fireplace in our feuerLOUNGE. Experience the tastes of Switzerland in a completely different way in one of our three restaurants. Or philosophise about life with a Cohiba and a glass of red wine in our Buena Vista Lounge – our hotel is a place for connoisseurs and those who look at things differently. In our exceptional banquet and seminar rooms, perhaps, or in the spinnerei or lernGARAGE. Thessoni classic offers 49 comfortable guest rooms and suites, and combines the advantages of a city hotel with the tranquillity and convenience of a country hotel. The Katzensee nature reserve is right around the corner, and it´s only a stone´s throw into the city of Zurich.

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The Best of the Year

Our hotel has just received honours from Best of Swiss Gastro. Its jury is thrilled by our ground floor concept providing not only the highest quality food to our guests, but also a special experience to enjoy. We hope to fulfil your every wish, live up to your requirements and tastes. Your evaluation is very important to us, may we invite you to vote for us?
See “An Award For A Convincing Concept” (PDF)…

After all, the voting is now open with Best of Swiss Gastro for the well-known Prize of the Public for the all-over best concept, see: Thank you very much for your visit, your confidence and your vote.

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