“No civilized man ever regrets a pleasure“, Oscar Wilde once said. “No uncivilized man ever knows what a pleasure is“. We pride ourselves in knowing what pleasure is. And we would like to share this with you.

Allow our top-notch chefs treat you to a gourmet meal at the feinWERK gourmet restaurant. Be in for a treat at the tonWERK restaurant with a tender fillet or freshly caught lobster. Enjoy the evening at our Buena Vista Lounge with a delightful cigar. Or listen to Ella Fitzgerald singing Summertime at the tonBAR while you sip a single-malt. Great sensual moments. Moments full of pleasure.

Our restaurants:

Steaks from the maturation pantry & lobster.

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frontKÜCHE plenty of fish, seafood and choice Swiss dishes. Classics such as fondue and cordon bleu.
À la carte menu also available

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At midday, take your pick from our fresh daily Vital Buffet and our business lunch.


Pure gourmet cuisine – surprising products,
decadently combined.

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feuerLOUNGE & meisterWERK
For a private lunch or a private dinner, têtes-à-tête, business lunches with offerings from our restaurants

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BuenaVista smoker’s Lounge – Restaurant – Bar
For the smoking gourmet – steaks and lobster

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