Some seven billion people live on this planet. Be they Argentines or Angolans, Chinese or Chilean, Swedes or Swiss… we all say “I” when we mean ourselves. We would like to create space for this “I”, to let it stand for what it is. That goes for your personal “I”, too. We therefore arrange our rooms in accordance with nature, using materials such as untreated wood, for instance. Our offers aim wholly and unabashedly at the “I”. We take care that you will spend a romantic weekend and our concierges will do their utmost to fulfil your very special wishes. They make the impossible possible. They know about the “I”.

Our rooms

Our guests can enjoy the urban chalet style of the INDUSTRIE DESIGN (INDUSTRY DESIGN) ROOMS and Classic schweizSEIN (beSWISS) junior suites and suites. Do you wish to listen to your own music whilst drinking a glass of wine, or look at your private photos or films? We offer interactive large-size screens together with broadband WLAN and a wide range of TV entertainment programmes.

For those guests staying for a longer period, apartments, studios and suites are also available in our Thessoni home.

Be inspired…

Ausnahmen sind:
Unsere Restaurants feinWERK, tonWERK und speiseKAMMER sind in den Monaten Januar und Februar jeweils an den Sonntagen nach dem Frühstück (bis 11 Uhr) geschlossen.
Bei Reservationen «Frühstück den lieben langen Tag» (bis 13 Uhr)
20. Januar für den Piemontestischen Sonntagmittag (Reservation erwünscht)
3. Februar für den Piemontestischen Sonntagmittag (Reservation erwünscht)
An allen anderen Tagen freuen wir uns Sie den ganzen Tag kulinarisch zu verwöhnen.