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The Trend Hotel in Zurich-Regensdorf is being redesigned to become the Thessoni classic, offering an innovative room concept and a special gastronomy.

Since 1st July, the Trend Hotel Zurich-Regensdorf has been redesigned and will continue to operate under the name Thessoni classic. The new design concept integrates Swissness in a charming way, invoking tradition that has marked the region since times immemorial. All hotel areas are, therefore, made with high-quality nature-derived materials: wood, stone and leather, for instance. The Thessoni classic is geared to accommodating seminar guests and people seeking to recuperate. There are 49 guest rooms and suites.

thessoni-impression-lerngarageUnusual seminar halls invite you to see things a different way for once. Take the “lernGARAGE”, conveying a crude charm with industrial lamps, elaborate wall panels, and a work bench as a lectern. Or the »feuerLOUNGE« with a chimney, also most appropriate for private dinners. The concept design comes from the Dutch interior architect Jim Beaudoin in cooperation with Roger Gloor, the hotel’s general manager. “At the Thessoni classic, our aim is to reinterpret tradition,” Mr Gloor says. The concept finds a counterpoint in the gastronomy. In the gourmet restaurant “feinWERK”, we add a touch of modernity to some old dishes. The hotel’s restaurant operation has been currently relocated to our redesigned terrace due to renovation on the ground floor. Ecologically-certified reservoir wood covers an area of 600 square meters, on which modern pavilions stand with roofs made of canvas and walls that can be opened and closed. For information, go to www.facebook.com/THessoni.

“With a sound usability concept, a special design and on the basis of our ideal location, we have set the basis for a successful development of our hotel for years to come”, Roger Gloor explains. From the  Thessoni classic, you can reach Zurich down-town with public transport in a mere 15 minutes’ time. In five minutes, you will reach the Katzensee nature reserve. Mr. Gloor was adamant to including inside an ecological aspect from outside. For the terrace of the Thessoni classic, to give an example, wood from reservoirs was used, ecologically certified by the “Rainforce Alliance”. And a part of the lamps and accessories designed for the hotel was made of previously used materials: they convey a special charm to the hotel. A clock as a chandelier or a fountain pen as a lamp over the reception desk are also reminiscences of craftsmanship.

thessoni-lampe-visualisierung-3D-promideas»Th« stands for the initials of the erstwhile Trend Hotels, »essoni« is a playful mix derived from the words senses and German word for senses: Sinne. Thessoni stands for an emotional experience. We create the appropriate atmosphere for every occasion with our special lighting concept in our rooms and halls. From January, our rooms will be redesigned in a second and last renovation phase which will also see the creation of wellness facilities in the hotel’s 3rd floor.


Zurich-Regensdorf/Hamburg, 27 June 2013

Unsere Restaurants feinWERK, tonWERK und speiseKAMMER
sind im Februar jeweils an den Sonntagen
nach dem Frühstück (bis 11 Uhr) geschlossen.
Bei Reservationen «Frühstück den lieben langen Tag» (bis 13 Uhr)
An allen anderen Tagen freuen wir uns Sie
den ganzen Tag kulinarisch zu verwöhnen.
Betriebsferien im feinWERK vom 3.-11. Februar
Zudem sind die Restaurants feinWERK und speiseKAMMER am 8. Februar wegen einer geschlossenen Gesellschaft zu. Das tonWERK ist für Sie geöffnet.
Alle unsere Restaurants sowie die tonBAR & Buena Vista Lounge
sind am 30. Mai 2019 (Auffahrt)
nach dem Frühstück geschlossen.
An allen anderen Tagen freuen wir uns Sie
den ganzen Tag kulinarisch zu verwöhnen.